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       Marketing in Box. Simple. Affordable. Guaranteed. All the basics. Right now.

Our full suite of automated digital marketing services includes social media, email, mobile and online advertising.  The suite works interactively to find, engage, nurture and deliver new prospects into your buying process.

How it Works:
Using your competition, and analyzing which ads that are working for them, we identify likely customer profiles. Then we find them in social media.  For instance, from more than 750 million members in FaceBook, and hundreds of thousands of groups, we identify groups whose members match these profiles. This typically means 50,000 to 150,000 members across 5-7 groups.  

Using our library of thousands of high-quality news and information articles -or your own-, our software helps you sponsor these articles to these groups with a single click. Most people receive alerts when articles are posted, which means what you share is included in notifications sent to literally thousands of people. Most group founders do not like ads posted to the group.  These are not ads - they are quality articles and news events that will be of interest to group members.  Every group founder wants this kind of participation - it improves the value of the group for everyone.

When an article is shared, people only see a thumbnail, or synopsis of the article. When they click to read the rest of the article, they click to your "sponsored by" page, and  instantly become part of your sales funnel. If they are interested in your products or services, the "More Info" tab at the top of the page uses interactive chat and video greetings to enhance customer engagement. When they reach out to you all information is captured for your contact database.

The sales funnel starts at the moment someone arrives on your sponsor page.  It can happen from a shared article, an email campaign, a mobile campaign, a paid advertisement, a blog post, your native website.  Anywhere you can leave a link. By "remembering" each of these visitors,  we automatically build an audience - called Retargeting - that can receive ads 15 times/month any time they visit FaceBook or Google for anything.  Chances are you've noticed this from other big-name brands.

Every day or two, we recommend new articles to share with these groups, effectively putting your business in front of 150,000 people 15 times/month.  Customers who are interested in your products or services can choose to chat or leave a message.  This is typically 10-15 times the number of calls you get from your website. To chat, emails are captured into the email system, where prospects then begin to receive automated monthly newsletters, or monthly mobile promotions to their mobile devices.

You receive a daily email showing any marketing activities to approve.  One click from your phone, tablet or desktop and you can be done for the day.  The dashboard shows you exactly what's working and where your leads are coming from.

Customers are continually nurtured.  

Using our concierge service, we set everything up for you and have you running in no time.  Intercept Marketing can be set up for virtually any type of small businesses, from consulting to home-based businesses to contractors and retail stores.

We stay on top of all the latest digital marketing trends, and constantly tune the marketing engines too.  All so you can get back to business.

Why Automate ?  
Because we can find and engage customers while you do something else ... like make sales ... and at much less cost per lead.

Did you know ?

  • 63% of businesses outgrow their competition using marketing and sales automation
  • Video, click to call and click to chat can increase sales from EXISTING marketing alone by nearly 400%
  • Content Marketingwell written articles of common interest - produce 97% more leads. Our built-in library of thousands of articles is updated daily for you. Learn More ...
  • Social media - Between Facebook, Google+, and Twitter over 1.2 Billion people are talking. Many are having buying conversations right now if you can find them.  We can. 
  • Mobile Marketing - Small businesses miss nearly 1$ Trillion in sales without mobile marketing, yet only 3% have it so far  
  • 60% of adults use smartphones & tablets when searching, and 80% of local mobile searches turn into purchases
Here's an overview:

Sounds Simple Right ?

All you need to do is (famous last words):

  1. Get a Website,  explain what you do, give people a way to contact you or purchase from you
  2. Get your name out there so potential customers see you through social media, blogs, ads etc.
  3. Get them to reach back to you by visiting your web site, phone, email, etc from any device
  4. Build enough rapport that they trust you and want to do business with you
  5. Help them purchase now, or stay in touch with them until they are ready
  6. Not go crazy or broke trying to figure all this out 

Sales leads can be so expensive:

But they don't have to be if you know where and how to look...

Intercept Marketing can find them for a fraction of the "normal" cost and with virtually no limits.

All the basics done for you 

$2,000/month ? - That's where marketing automation systems typically start, and they go up fast - way beyond what most small businesses can afford.  And, while they give you sophisticated tools to build custom landing pages and email campaigns, they are just tools.  You still have to learn how to use them, design email campaigns, figure out how to get in front of the actual customers, where to advertise, and manage it.  All of which takes time, and takes you away from the heart of your business.
     Intercept Marketing eliminates that.  Using your information and our automated tools we can find the customers for you, and deliver them to your phone , tablet or desktop.  You are free to focus on what you do best - close sales !

See below what you get with our Concierge setup and Automation bundle, including the peace of mind knowing there is always marketing working for you in the background, no matter what else you're doing:

  • We research your competition and learn what marketing is working best for them:
         - Online advertising - what and where
         - Keywords - SEO and SEM
         - Budgets - where they spend their money
         - Competitors you may now know about

  • We combine our patented technology with your web pages to add:
         - video introductions
         - click to call & click to chat
         - live translation between 36 languages
         - visitor tracking 

  • We promote your business in Social Media:
         - FaceBook with shared, curated articles
         - Google+ and Twitter conversations search for hot leads
         - Email Campaigns
         - Mobile offers
         - Retargeted audiences in Google or FaceBook

    • Want more options ?  Add press releases, custom email campaigns, paid search in Google or FaceBook,  and classified advertising.  You can even buy email addresses from us and have us send them to ramp up faster
    • As new people visit, we make it personal.  They see your video, introducing you or your company and build trust so they'll buy, or call, click to chat, or share their email so you can help them later
    • From each conversation we build your email list, and send each potential customer a thank you or offer email after their first visit
    • Every month we create and send an email newsletter to them, keeping your company constantly in front of them
    • We track every visitor and every typed conversation so you gain insight about why they do or don't buy
    • We add them to your favorite contact management system (CRM) if you have one
    • Once someone visits you, we can set up your ads so whenever they visit any web page in Google or Facebook they'll see you. Called retargeting, one click brings them right back to you. These ads will cost a fraction of normal PPC ads because these customers have already indicated an interest in you.
    • We report to you on all these activities from anywhere on your desktop, tablet or smartphone
    Here why we use interactive web pages:

    Starting for under $150/month ...

    Setup is fast & easy - just fill out our survey 

    With our Concierge setup, and you'll have the confidence to know you'll be up and running fast, with social search, content sharing, email marketing, Facebook or Google ad retargeting and mobile promotions

    With your website, all we'll need is your logo, a video if you have one, ads you want to use (or we'll create them),  and the initial survey.  We set up everything for you. We create, and you review, the intro email, newsletter, ad copy, search terms, etc. 

    Here's a walk-thru of the easy setup process

    Silver Package 

    Monthly, No Contract

    Up to 1000 new customers
    10 marketing events

    (Any combination of email, mobile and social media sharing)
    •  - Unlimited Chats
    • Automatic Features
    •      - Group Content Sharing to                Facebook groups
    •      - Individual Content Sharing to            Facebook friends
    •     - Group content sharing to                  LinkedIn groups
    •     - Social Conversation Search                (Google+,Twitter) 
    •      - FaceBook/Google Ad                        Retargeting audiences
    •      Auto Mobile Offers
    •      Auto Newsletters
    • * Concierge Service available
    • See More Details...


     Monthly, No Contract

     Gold Package

    Monthly, No Contract

    Up to 5000 new customers
    20 marketing events

    (Any combination of email, mobile and social media sharing)
    - Unlimited Chats
    - Phone Lookup - U.S. Census data
    - 36 language live chat translation
    Automatic Features
    •      - Group Content Sharing to                Facebook groups
    •      - Group content sharing to                   LinkedIn groups
    •      - Individual Content Sharing to            Facebook friends 
    •      - Social Conversation Search                (Google+,Twitter)
    •      - FaceBook/Google Ad                        Retargeting audiences
    •      Auto Mobile Offers
    •      Auto Newsletters
    • * Concierge Service available
    • See More Details...